good food brings people together

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thefoodmakers is all about good food. 

Food is social - good food brings people together.

And Australians enjoy eating out!

  • Australians spend $45 billion per year on eating out, which equates to approximately $100 per household per week.
  • The average Australian eats out two to three times per week.

But competition in food service is high 

  • We have around 85,000 places to choose from when we do eat out, including 22,000 restaurants, 29,000 fast food outlets, 21,000 cafes and 7 000 pubs & bars.
  • There are approximately 24 million Australians – so there are less than 300 people per dining venue – or put a different way
    • 35 dining establishments per 10 000 people in Australia
  • This compares to
    • 23 dining establishments per 10 000 in the USA
    • 24 dining establishments per 10 000 in the UK
    • 91 dining establishments per 10 000 in Japan (many Japanese establishments are very small)

And dining trends are changing

  • In Australia, Japanese cuisine is growing due to it’s health perceptions
  • Australians are eating healthier and opting for healthier cuisines causing a decline in popularity for concepts like steak houses and diner-style offerings.
  • Fine Dining is “dying” with many establishments becoming the new “informal eating out” venues, but still serving innovative and high quality meals.
  • At the same time, fast food is moving towards "fast casual" quality with premium burgers, pizzas etc.
  • There are approximately 29 000 fast food outlets – but the majors (McDonalds, KFC, Hungry Jacks, Dominos and Subway) make up less than 15% of these. Most are small family businesses.

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