Restaurant Health Checks

There are approximately 24 million people in Australia. And there are about 85 000 places to eat out - including cafes, pubs, restaurants and fast food outlets. That means there are less than 300 people per outlet or about 35 dining establishments per 10 000 people. No wonder competition is high!

Did you know that the average life of a restaurant is just 18 months! In fact most restaurants close during their first year of operation. Seventy percent of those that make it past the first year close their doors in the next three to five years. But the ones that do make it past the first few years will most likely thrive for a long time. So how is your restaurant going???

  • How well is your restaurant doing?
  • What do your customer’s experience?
  • How are your staff treating you?
  • Will you pass a Council inspection?
  • Can you improve your menu?
  • What does your Brand stand for?

Our Restaurant Health Checks provide a snap-shot of how your business is doing. We look at both the Consumer Experience and the Fundamentals of Hospitality Operations. From a simple "Mystery Shopper" to a detailed "Business Audit" we can help your business to stay in business!

Key review areas include -

  • The Customer Experience
    • Initial Impressions
    • Cleanliness
    • Menu and Ordering Process
    • Food Quality
    • Service Quality
    • Facilities
    • Brand Standards
  • Operations Audit
    • Back of House Review
    • Food Safety factors
    • Critical Operating Standards
    • Facilities & Equipment
  • Fundamental Success Factors
  • Finance and Capital considerations
  • Market and competitor research
  • Market fit analysis
  • Menu Development
  • Brand and image design/review
  • Strategic Marketing
  • and more......

it's all about attention to detail