creative strategy

Did you know that most businesses fail due to poor vision and a lack of market understanding? Often it is the small things that matter – death by a thousand cuts. There is a move away from "fast food" to better quality casual dining - whilst at the same time, "fine dining" is becoming more casual "informal eating out". Experience is everything and consumers are no longer willing to tolerate mediocre.  7/10 people prefer a cool experience over a cool product. And research shows that marketing is vital , is valued by customers and can be the difference between success and failure .

Competition is strong. 

  • there are about 85 000 food outlets in Australia - and most are mediocre
  • about 81% of the population is between 6 and 70 years of age - 19 million people
  • and we eat out about 2.6 times a week
  • so there are about 50 million meals purchased each week
  • or about 590 meals per venue per week
  • and with population growth less than 2% a year, the only way to grow sales is to "steal them" from someone else!

So how is your business going?

  • what makes you stand out from the crowd?
  • what is your USP (unique selling proposition)?
  • Is your business slowing down?
  • How are it’s vital signs?
  • Not performing?
  • Is your competition drowning you out?
  • Customers going next door?
  • In need of a change?

 Then it’s probably time for a Creative Strategy Audit.

We can examine -

  • your market,
  • your competition
  • your market fit
  • your brand mindset

…and recommend ways to creatively manage your strategy for growth and success.


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