A lot of people ask me what foods are bad for you.


Now let’s get one thing clear, food itself is not dangerous. But I have a concern that we are developing a fear of food. The Obesity issue is important and we need to do something especially for the kids. Obesity is on the rise along with complications such as diabetes. On average 600 adults become obese every day – 275 become diabetic each day! This is terrible…


But food paranoia and scaremongering is leading to eating disorders. We are frightening our kids – sensational tv programmes, current affairs and programmes focussing on diet and weight are creating unnecessary angst. 


The pleasure of eating is missing – kids think eating is dangerous. This is sad as well as causing health issues. There is a new fear of obesity – young kids are dieting, parents have unrealistic ideas of exercise and eating – slim is ideal but can lead to osteoporosis and malnutrition.


Childcare centres and schools are inspecting lunchboxes, confiscating food and giving only fruit and water. Weigh-ins at schools and sporting clubs are creating physical and psychological issues


Eating well is one of the joys of life – a pleasure – NOT a problem


Life is not a disease – food is not dangerous. Too much food, unbalanced diets and too little activity is however an issue. It is important to educate our children – not scare them, or ban certain foods or legislate against advertising. People cannot make informed choices without knowledge. We need to teach and inform.


There is nothing wrong with indulging a little – in fact it can be beneficial.. Diet is important – obesity is a significant issue – but so is the opposite and a puritan diet may cause ill-health. Pleasure is essential to good health as it enhances immunity and immunity is our main defence against ill health. If we enjoy our food and understand what it does for us, we will respect it and eat better. Food should be a pleasure, a luxury we can all afford.


Sheer Luxury is taking a taxi instead of the bus, having a gin & tonic in the bath, doing nothing for a while. Luxury is being able to eat what you want, when you want it even if your self-imposed reign of terror forbids it.


Good food – sheer luxury food – need not be gourmet or expensive. Food memories are powerful and positive. We remember people, events and places through food – so food should be positive and pleasurable.


Tasty, flavoursome – memories

Fresh cheese and a crusty loaf

Perfectly grilled steak

Freshly opened jar of peanut butter

Good cup of coffee

Hot dog, Chiko Roll, Chips, chocolate

What makes fat cut chips cooked in beef fat and served with a high fat aioli “gourmet” whilst McDonalds Fries are bad fast food? Individual foods are not to blame – it is lack of knowledge, lack of understanding and greed that causes us problems.


It is important to isolate those things that give you pleasure and enjoy them – not too much though. Not just because of your diet but because otherwise they become commonplace and loose that sense of luxury – hot cross buns everyday?


Good health requires indulgence not denial. But indulgence is not greed.


Educating a child’s tastebuds is just as important as teaching them their ABC – if not more important.


Now that’s food for pleasure