“Tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you what you are”!

Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin 1825


Food – glorious food. Food is a potent symbol – a reflection on the way we live. Food is more than just fuel – it is a social experience; one of the simple pleasures of life. We are all interested in food, be it cooking, fast food, fine dining, processed food or just sustenance.

Yet fewer and fewer consumers are cooking for themselves. More and more we are relying on processed foods, fast food chains and pre-prepared meals.

Despite this, the community is anxious and suspicious of the large, impersonal facade of the multinational food manufacturers and restaurant chains. Moreover, there is considerable ignorance about our food supply, food safety, nutrition and myths about processed food are common.

thefoodmakers takes and educational, entertaining and lighthearted look at our food supply – from paddock to plate. The logo of thefoodmakers is a “ring pull” on a can, being opened – revealing the food inside. Like the ringpull, the foodmakers aims to reveal all about the food we eat.

the foodmakers is a work in progress being developed by Jeremy Ryland – food scientist, food marketer and gastronome.